Monday, July 6, 2015

Tips for Buying Bunk Bed for Your KIDS

Bunk beds maximize the area of room and let your child play and grow their imaginations. These are available in various designs to appeal your child. Most of the parents want to buy the bunk beds chosen by their kids to make them feel happy. This is a good idea but your kid might not judge a bed by its qualities. While choosing a bunk bed considers the following points.

Measure the space of room and determine the height of ceiling as normally these comes in a variety of height and designs.  So choose a bed with the height of not more than 5 ½ feet tall. These beds are categorized into two basic types i.e. Basic and loft. If bunk bed is to be shared by two children then buy the basic one that is available as twin-over-full and twin over twin. 

If you want to purchase a bunk for a single child then prefer the loft one as it is available as a lofted bed over the study table. Don’t overlook the features while choosing a bunk e.g. the bunk with study and play area according to the need and age of your child. 

Style selection is the most important factor while choosing a bunk for your child as it comes in array of styles. If your kid likes novelty and fiction movies then go for a bunk like space ship. If your kid is naughty then you should prefer a bunk with sleek lining and made up of wood or combination of wood and steel to lessen the chances of being harmed by steel.

Guardrails must be monitored while choosing a bunk. If the bunk is 30-40 inches above the floor, it should have the guard line continuous with the wall. The guard lines must be 5 inch of height above the bunk. Entrance of the lower bunk is to be considered.

It should not be too small that can entrap the neck or head of your kid. It should be wide enough to permit the free passage to your child.

Keeping in view the safety parameters, check the sturdiness of the bunk by shake test. Choose a bunk with stair case and noticed that the stairs are removable or not and the distance between the each step.
Choose a bunk that can easily be separated because it gives you the liberty to separate them with the change in age of your child and your condition as well. Don’t compromise with the safety of your child and other factors while choosing a bunk.

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